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Ritter Sport Espresso Chocolate



What the Ritter says about this chocolate?

The Ritter Sport Espresso chocolate is a combination of milk chocolate and intense espresso creme filling.


What I say about The Ritter Sport Espresso chocolate?

Galore of different flavors Ritter made sure to offer something new and unusual.

Although this chocolate has an interesting taste, I must admit that this is one of the few Ritter chocolate that I didn’t like. Already at the opening, you can feel the sharp smell of freshly roasted coffee.

When the chocolate begins to melt in the mouth, the dominant taste of espresso coffee at times soften the sweet taste of milk chocolate. I’d also noted that the taste of chocolate reserves a long time in the mouth.

I recommend chocolate whith…

If you enjoy drinking coffee, the chocolate can be a good substitute for a cup of this powerful potion that awakens all our senses, and if you’re not a fan of espresso coffee you probably wont like the taste of this chocolate.

Where can I buy it?

As I have mentioned in previous articles, Ritter Sport chocolate is not easy to find in Serbia. If you saw them on the shelves of major supermarkets, price from 140 RSD can be too much expensive, but when you try them you will see that this price is quite reasonable for the quality which provide these chocolates.

My recommendation where you can find them is the site

At the end…

In the next article you can read impressions of Ritter Sport Weiss+Crips chocolate.


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