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FAPPiT UP – Torpedo23 – Don’t Wait

Hi all, Like always you have here the link to the YouTube Video but also the Text and the translation in German and Serbian.     Original Text Don’t wait   Look at me I’ve got everything Say look at him he’s got all I can not breathe tonight I will drown on your lies… (weiterlesen)

Torpedo23 – Torpedo23 – Head Nod (Official Video)

Our new Video is out 🙂     Its a little bit different from the previous but it has its own mood. So enjoy 😀

Torpedo23 – Torpedo23 – Not Alone (Official Video Sport)

Here you can download the NOT ALONE VIDEO, Song as MP3 and the Text. Have Fun!   Download TEXT  Story behind the Song The song is not only about losing or dealing with a defeat, it was composed as a sarcastic song about failed despites and dictators. In future it will be a second song… (weiterlesen)

Torpedo23 – Satisfide Video


Our Video   On Youtube

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Torpedo23 – Kiss Video Substanz


Our Video   And on Youtube

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