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Chocolate that will conquer you with its taste-Ritter Sport Weiss+Crips Chocolate



What Ritter says about this chocolate?

A combination of the finest white chocolate with a strong vanilla flavor and crispy corniflex is a great joy for anyone who loves white chocolate.


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What I say about the chocolate?

In this article, i will talk about one more The Ritter Sport chocolate, as you can see on the picture it’s about The Ritter Sport Weiss-Crips chocolate. So far I’ve not had the opportunity to try a similar combination, so I couldn’t wait to finally try this chocolate, and i must admit that The Ritter Sport didn’t disappoint me this time. This chocolate has overcome all my expectations, and after the first dice it climbed to the top of list of my favourite treats. Maybe it has contributed my big love of white chocolate, and The Ritter Sport always offers an unusual combination of taste, so it wasn’t hard to fall in love with this little square perfection.

The smell and taste of this chocolate is quite strong and intense. The combination of white chocolate and corniflex gives it a creamy and crispy structure at the same time. The crispy corniflex gives it firmness, and the intense taste of white chocolate leavs a cute and sharp trail of milk in the mouth. Perhaps you won’t like this chocolate so much, especially if you’re not a fan of white chocolate, but if you give it a chance, maybe this chocolate is a milestone and it will make you love her taste.



 I recommend chocolate with…

If after a busy day you want to eat something sweet, The Ritter Sport Weiss+Crips is the right choice for you. It cute taste will quickly awake your senses and make your mood even better.


Where you can buy The Ritter Sport Weiss+Crips chocolate?

As you know these chocolate isn’t easy to find in Serbia, but if you found them share your impressions with us. One option that always remainds and with which you can safely get them is the well-known website of or the online store The Ritter Sport.


At the end…

In the next article I will write about The Ritter Sport Pink Grapefruit chocolate.

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