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Ritter Pink Grapefruit Chocolate



What does The Ritter say about this chocolate?

The Ritter Sport Pink Grapefruit Chocolate brings us a new trend. Fruity pink parts of grapefruit are wrapped in crispy white chocolate that leaves a delicious taste in your mouth.



What I say about The Ritter Pink Grapefruit Chocolate?

And this summer, Ritter offers refreshments that come as a combination of white chocolate enriched with a refreshing yogurt, grapefruit and crispy flakes. As you can see by list of ingredients, this is a real summer specialty of fruit flavor.

As soon as you open the chocolate, you will feel fresh citrus notes, but when you bite it the taste of grapefruit isn’t dominant, at first you won’t be sure that it is about it.

Chocolate melts fast in the mouth, and leaves refreshing taste. Balance for this creamy filling is given by crispy flakes which are finely crushed and don’t allow the taste of chocolate to quickly get lost.

The only imperfection of the Ritter Sport Pink Grapefruit Chocolate is that the chocolate quickly disappear from the table.


I recommend chocolate with…

Ritter Sport Pink Grapefruit Chocolate can serve as an excellent replacement for ice cream, it will breathe in you refreshment necessary for hot summer days.

for complete pleasure in its charms, I suggest you to cool the chocolate before eating.


Where can I buy?

This chocolate hasn’t yet available at stores in Serbia, but if you want to try it, you can order it from one of these sites or online store Ritter Sport.


At the end…

In the following article you can read the impressions of Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate.

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