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Pasta with Ajvar and Gorgonzola- Serbia meets Italy



For those who loves to experiment and try something new in the article below you can read an excellent recipe that is a mix of Serbian and Italian cuisine. For the preparation of this meal, you don’t need a lot of ingredients, just a little patience and in 30 minutes you will have a wonderful meal in front of you, which will quickly disappear from the plate. Maybe at first you will think that these ingredients don’t promise much, but the magic that the ajvar adds to this meal makes it divine.





1. Add 70 g butter to the warmed pot, and let the butter melt. Pour about 600 ml of water in the deeper pan, add some salt and a little oil, and leave it on the stove until the water rinses, after which you will add 250 g of macaroni and leave to boil about 15 min.


2. When the butter is completely melted, add 400 grams of champignons that you have previously cleaned and cut into small pieces.


3.In the beginning mushrooms will let water, so it is necessary to wait for it to evaporate and then we can move to the next step.


4. When the water is completely evaporated, roast mushrooms for 3 minutes in the hot butter until it has a mild golden color. Then add 200 ml. Neutral sour cream.


5. When you add the sour cream and stir, add 3 supe spoon of ajvar, my recommendation is to be a homemade ajvar, made from roasted peppers, because this gives a special taste to this meal.


6. After adding the ajvar and waiting for a few minutes, add 100g of Gorgonzola cheese. If you aren’t a fan of this cheese and you feel that its taste is too strong as a good substitute, you can use any other processed cheese that is found at your fingertips.


7. When you add almost all of the ingredients, you only need to add more pepper and salt by taste and leave a meal to cook for 5 minutes in order to all the ingredients get together and the meal gets the necessary density.


8. After you have prepared the paste, you need to add previously prepared macaroni and stir well.


9. The meal is ready to serve, I hope you enjoyed in preparation of this meal and that you will continue to follow our blog in the future, which will bring you many new and interesting recipes.


And some interesting things at the end…
Italian cuisine is widely known as the backbone of a good pasta whose taste is hard to overcome. It isn’t known where the history of the  pasta is kept, whether it was the  first time on the soil of Italy brought by Marko Polo or the Italians should thank the Arabs for this wonderful meal, but one thing is certain, they are responsible for the planetary popularity of this food that has become integral part of the nutrition of people around the world.
Opposite Italian cuisine if Serbia is distinguished by a rich cuisine with unique taste, meals that are not cooked nowhere expect in Serbia, and which abound with a handful of beautiful aromas that are interwoven like Italian spaghetti that are just cooked and waiting to be served with a sauce that will impress anyone who makes them. The source of ajvar is something more certain and leads us to the south of Serbia where Serbian delicacies are made, which are also known as „Serbian salad“ or „Serbian caviar“, since its name comes from the Turkish word havyar.















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