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Nikola Tesla ist Serbian – the shocking trought revealed

(Youtube Video at the end)

For a long time, a dispute between Croats and Serbs was seethed: which origin Nikola Tesla actually has? Thanks to new evidence, we will settle this old question once and for all!

Because we have found the REAL birthplace of Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla was not born as many believe in Smiljan, but 700 kilometers further away in the Serbian region Araclijski Potok at Djurdjevo Brdo.

We have sent a camera team to the birthplace that has collected evidence in the place and this claim is 100% documented. This Tesla was not only born there, but lived there until 1880, until he went to Prague. This means that he was born in Serbia, his parents were Serbs and he is a true Serb.


This unveiling was financed by the Serbian Church, which has provided us with a budget of 1,000,020 EUR to bring the truth to light and fulfill this sacred task.

We took the money right away and developed a camera system for about EUR 1 million that was able to record the documentation in such a way that we could show it from the perspective of a person living in 1856. Therefore, we have about 20 EUR left for the rest of this revolutionary documentary.

Shockingly, the footage shows that the people of the year 1856 took the world much blurry than we do and that at that time people were much more shaken than they are today.

Other announcements that the EUR 1 million have been embezzled are devoid of any accuracy and are fake news of a small group of conspiracy theorists.

We came across the true place of birth through a tip. While reviewing investigative materials, we also found this video interview by a famous Croatian historian in which the historian accidentally revealed the place of birth. He himself read it in the lost diary of Tesla.

The source material can be found on Youtube, although the interview was overwritten by a song :

The interview ran as follows:

Interview: Mr. Sabinac, where was Tesla born?

Sabinca: „In Araclijski Potok at Djurdjevo Brdo.“ (…) „Ehhhhh. I mean in Smiljan in Croatia in Smilja, nowhere else !!! “

The video was hidden in the CIA’s safes for 60 years, but revealed by whistleblower Snowden. Based on this tip we have evaluated the video and then drove to this mysterious place in Serbia.

Araclijski Potok at Djurdjevo Brdo


The House in Araclijski Potok near Djurdjevo Brdo


Arrived at the house, we immediately started to look for evidence and have found very quickly.

Right at the door we discovered the famous Tesla padlock that he invented at the age of four.


In the bathroom we found a picture of his family with him as a child.



Another proof – the mysterious Tesla Water Tap invented by Tesla in 1870. With which he could mix cold and hot water. 60 years before the invention of Alfred M. Moen in 1937. The story is being rewritten !!


Also we found the famous Tesla E-goats, which are able to conduct electricity.


Tesla’s idea was to let the goats out even during thunderstorms. As soon as a lightning hits a goat the electricity could be colleced in a battery. Brilliant.


But the biggest evidence was Tesla’s gloves, which still had DNA traces of him. By means of this proof we could prove the 100% correctness of our story.


We also found the legendary Tesla Grill, which still worked after over 143 years. So we bought with the remaining 20 EUR sausages and beer and celebrated the findings.


Unfortunately, our celebration did not last long, because we quickly had the feeling that we were being watched. Our appearance had not gone unnoticed, so we quickly made our way back to the studio to evaluate all the evidence and write this revelation report.

We have hopefully convinced all of yout that Nikola Tesla was Serb and not a Croat !!

In one of the next reports, we will also show:

  • that the earth is a disk
  • the Yeti exists
  • man descended from Adam and Eve.




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