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FAPPiT UP – FAPPiT UP – Catrice Prime And Fine Make Up Transformer Drops Darkening Drops


What does Catrice say about this product?

Individual transformation. With highly pigmented, liquid texture, each make-up is individually adapted to the needs. Lightening Drops brighten up any Liquid Foundation while Darkening Drops darkens the color of Liquid Make Up. The Transformer Drops provide the ability to customize each CATRICE Foundation.

Beauty tip

The drops can also be used for highlighting and contouring. It is best to mix individually matching shades so that the result looks as natural as possible. Liquid textures such as the Transformer Drops should only be applied via liquid make-up – if a powder is preferred, it should be applied to liquid and creamy textures.

  • For the individualization of liquid make-up
  • Highly pigmented, fluid texture
  • Nuances can be mixed together
  • Vegan


What do I say about Prime and Fine Make Up Transformer Drops Darkening

I’ve mentioned Catrice Prime and Fine Make Up Transformer Drops Darkening in some of my previous blogs, but never properly introduced them. Today, I devote myself fully to this topic. 🙂

Women know how difficult it is to find the right nuance of make-up for themselves. We are always looking for a make-up that looks natural on our face and fuses with our complexion. Nevertheless, we are often dissatisfied with the choice of shades. Often we do not buy the make-up with the color we are looking for, but the most acceptable, which is similar but still does not hit the color 100%.

Catrice offers the ideal solution for this problem. The product „Catrice Prime And Fine Make Up Transformer Drops Darkening“. The product is offered in a dark and a light shade. With the help of these drops you can easily adjust the color of your make-up to the desired skin tone. This makes it the ideal solution for all women who cannot find the perfect shade for their favorite makeup. Hooray 😀


The product

The Transformer Drops are offered in a small plastic tube containing 15 ml of the product. 15 ml may seem unimpressive, but since you only use small amounts, it lasts for quite a while. I have been using a tube for six months and still have enough in the tube.



In fact, I use the Catrice Transformer Drops most often for contouring, which is an additional benefit of this product. Not only can you change the make-up’s color, it also gives your face a beautiful and precise outline.

The texture of the Transformer Drops is light and it can be dispensed very well thanks to the appropriate packaging. Due to the extremely strong pigmentation, little of the product is needed to achieve the desired effect.

The number of possible combinations of make-up with Catrice Transformer Drops is enormous. In the following picture you can see how to change the color of the powder depending on the number of drops.


Catrice Make Up with Prime and Fine Transformer

Catrice Prime and Fine Make Up Transformer Drops Darkening is a product that every woman should have in her bag. For a price of 3.45 euros, you will receive a product that will help you to better match the color of your make-up to your skin complexion, to better emphasize contours and thus to continue to look flawless.

As you already know, Catrice products are available in all well-stocked DM stores.

Here you can learn more about Catrice products here.


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