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Explore the taste of Ritter Sport Chocolate


Ritter Sport chocolate are made from the finest ingredients based on a tradition, that guaratness a high quality over a hundred years.

Special attention was paid to the design, which sets the chocolate apart from other brands and makes them unique in the market. Sixteen small cubes with engraved logo Ritter was united in chocolate square-shaped and lined with packing vivid colors. Also, the Ritter family was responsible for the diverse needs of consumers in their offer a large selection of chocolate that can satisfy every taste.

My first encounter with the chocolates was last year when I got a surprise gift from boyfriend and received five packages Ritter Sport chocolate with more then 30 single chochlates. Almost a month ago I enjoyed trying out as many as 32 different kinds of chocolate. I was thrilled with their taste and appearance. And do not let their size fool you on the picture, if you look carefully you will see that each package has an unexpected 100 gr. So every single chochlate has a own tast and can last for some days.

The reason why I wanted to share my impressions with you is their irresistible taste. So I will post individual reviews in the next few weeks when I try to convey the impression that I got from tasting all those Ritter Sport chocolates.

If you have also tried any of these chocolates, fell free to leave a comment and share your impressions with us, it may help others to find the perfect chocolate for themselves.


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