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Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation


What does Catrice say about this product?

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation cover powder offers a very good coverage, whereby the product looks natural and is easy to wear on the skin – like a second skin. The ultra fluid texture is high quality, long lasting and offers a smooth and flawless complexion. It covers defects for 24 hours and mattifies the skin.


What do I say about Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation?

I’ve been looking for a powder that fits my skin type for a long time. That would be light enough, but at the same time would match my skin tone. I finally discovered Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation and it met all my expectations. For me, this product is really a love revelation at first sight, if you like.

The packaging attracted me immediately. The glass bottle reflects elegance and has a small pipette at the top, which makes handling very easy and helps to dose it correctly. No matter how you apply it (I applied it with a sponge, brush, and fingers), the face will always look beautiful and smooth. So you can apply it with your preferred method, the success remains the same.



As far as its texture is concerned, it is fluid and light, but the coverage of this make-up is extremely high, almost perfect. Already applying the first layer means that almost all skin imperfections are covered. The more layers you apply, the better the coverage will be, but without the make-up on your face or you will feel the make-up on your face. The make-up becomes one with the skin and leaves a matt and smooth surface. Even after a few hours of wearing, you can be sure that the color stays the same and doesn’t oxidize. Which is an additional and great advantage of this product.

It is extremely durable and can be removed from your face evenly. When applying, you have to be quick, because it dries quickly on the face. If we compare the price and quality, I would say that for little money you can get a high quality makeup that is of the same quality as much more expensive branded makeup.



Only the choice of colors is limited, because Catrice HD is only available in four colors. Catrice has recently released a solution for this. If you can’t find the right shade, there are Prime & Fine Make Up Transformer Drops. With this product you can adapt the color of the make-up to your skin tone. I will write about it in one of the next posts.

As for the downside of this product, I can say two things. The first is the somewhat sweet scent, which is not too intense, but can still be annoying. I got used to it quickly and it doesn’t bother me anymore. The second disadvantage is that it is not suitable for dry skin because it would also emphasize the dry parts of the face.


Finally, a few words about Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer …


Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer, is sold in a small plastic bottle and is used to cover small irregularities on the face. The filling quantity is 5g and is available in two colors: 010 Porcelain for lighter skin and 020 light beige for darker skin types. It can be applied very easily with a sponge.

As you can see in the picture above, I chose 010 porcelain. The Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer more than met my expectations. The pigmentation is excellent and only a very small amount is necessary to achieve good masking effects.

I mainly use concealer to make certain facial areas lighter and thus give it more contour. But I only use the concealer for the day when I wear even light make-up. In the evening I prefer the Catrice camuglage cream, which I will introduce in one of the following articles.


You can buy Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in DM drugstores and the price is around 7 EUR.


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