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Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Make Up


What does Catrice say about this product?

The perfect basis for every make-up look: a matt complexion. The All Matt Plus Shine Control make-up acts like a second, invisible skin. Unwanted shine is checked, the complexion is matted and the skin is moisturized. At the same time, the make-up is oil-free, long-lasting and has a high coverage, which makes small flaws disappear. Light reflecting pigments provide a silky matt finish and a flawless, fresh look.

All Matt Plus – Shine Control Make Up

Matting, oil-free texture
Long lasting up to 18h
High coverage

What do I say about Catrice All Matt Plus Make Up?

The main reason why I wanted to try this make-up was my positive experience with the “HD Liquid Coverage Foundation”, which absolutely convinced me with its longevity and opacity.

At first I wasn’t sure whether I should try the liquid “Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control” or the “Catrice 24h Made The Stay” first.

In the end, I chose the „All matt Plus Shine Control“ product because the light texture seems more suitable for the summer with the hot temperatures.

First I will give a brief overview of the packaging of the product, and then write something about the opacity and durability over the day.



On a positive note, I noticed that all Catrice Make Ups have very high-quality packaging and that they don’t have to hide from much more expensive competitive products. So also the All Matt Plus product.




About Catrice All matt Plus Shine Control, I would say it’s not a classic liquid makeup. Its texture resembles more mousse make up. The thick texture of the make-up can be applied easily and leaves a beautiful smooth skin.

Although the choice of shades is limited, Catrice All matt Plus Shine Control is available in 4 shades, but the shades can be corrected using the Prime & Fine Makeup Transformer Drops.

This is a great advantage of the two Catrice products together. Depending on the season and skin color (summer or winter pale) or when choosing the wrong shade, with the Prime & Fine Make Up Transformer Drops you can adjust the shade to suit your needs. (One of the next blog posts will write more about this product and its many uses.)

I chose the shade 010 because it fits my face perfectly and gives me a fresh look.



I would say that the coverage is light to medium. The nice thing is that, depending on your needs, you can easily put on multiple layers without fear that the make-up looks unnatural or like a mask.



As with the „HD Liquid Coverage Foundation“ product, I am particularly impressed by the liability throughout the day. Once applied, the make-up lasts almost all day without losing quality.

It has not peeled off on the dry areas of my face, nor on the small pores under my eyes. I was particularly pleased. 🙂

My face looks smooth and refreshed all day with this make up.



Here you can only congratulate Catrice. You advertise the longevity of the product and the make-up fulfills this 100%. Even without matting, it takes hours before individual facial areas lose the matt and you are forced to touch it up. It can also be easily and evenly removed from the face and leaves no stains or other signs of improper removal.

The make-up can be found in all well-equipped DM markets at a price of less than 7 euros.


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