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Balea – Sugar Scrub – Brown Sugar & Chia – Face Makeup – a perfect peeling for little money


Today’s blog is all about the balea peeling „Sugar Scrub“ „Brown Sugar & Chia“ face mask. I discovered it recently and fell in love with it the first time I used it. I highly recommend everyone to try the face mask. You will also be amazed. In any case, I always have at least one pack as a reserve at home.

Although it says on the packaging that the peeling is only suitable for dry and normal skin, I would say that you can also use it if you have more oily skin like me.

The oil and brown sugar formula, the grains of which you can feel when massaging the face, makes the peeling ideal for skin care. My skin feels soft after every use and looks radiant.

It is recommended to apply the peel to damp skin twice a week, but I use it more often and apply it to my already clean and dry face. I have the feeling that it works much better then and that I achieve a better peeling effect.



In principle, I use the peeling in two different ways.

The first method is when I have a little more time. Then I clean my face, dry it and apply Balea Peeling Sugar Scrub Brown Sugar & Chia Mask to my dry face. I then leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. Then I remove the peeling with slow and circular movements and finally rinse the mask with warm water. The face remains soft and smooth. Although the skin turns red at first, this disappears after about 5 minutes and afterwards the skin looks like new and there is nothing left to see from the dry spots.

After rinsing, the mask leaves a slightly greasy layer on the skin. If this layer bothers you, you can easily remove it by rubbing your face a little more when you rinse it off, rather than gently wiping off the remaining water with a towel. It doesn’t bother me myself, so I’d rather dab my face with a towel afterwards. Try both and see what suits you better.

If I’m in a hurry, I use the second method. Then I apply the peeling directly to my wet face, massage it in quickly and wash it off quickly. But even with this procedure, my face quickly gets a beautiful glow and the skin looks much healthier afterwards.

Overall, you really get a perfect peeling product for very little money. I’ve tried many other masks, but this is one of the few that I can always rely on and that I always use.

You can buy the mask in DM drugstores and the price is around 1 EUR.


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