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space4share – Share 330 Pictures or many other files easy with space4share
  • The easiest way to share files via space4share is if you have many small files.
  • In this example I will share 330 Images from 1 to 7 MB (max is 2GB).
  • In short
    • Open a new room
    • Change the time to more than 5 Min (max is 24 hours)
    • Click on “1. Click here to select files!” and select all pictures (up to 2GB)
    • Click on “2. Upload selected files!” to upload the files
    • Share the link or room name that you or somebody else can download it on another device
    • Open the room name or enter the link.
    • Klick on “Download all



Long Version

1 Open now a room on space4share


2 Set the time to be more than 5 Minuets!


3 Click on “1. Click here to select files!” and select all the 330 Images / Files


4 You will see all 330 Images in the screen. Wait a little till all are available


5 Click on “2. Upload selected files!” – Do not close the site, but you can do something else till it is uploaded.


6 You will see how the files are placed on the left side


7 Now you can open the link on another device or share the link with another person


8 Open the link or enter the room name and click on Create room


9 Click on “Download all” – when you got some errors refresh – delete the one you downloaded and start again.


10 When you finished close the room and everything will be deleted after the entered time.


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