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Pantene Pro V Repair & Care Intensive Hair Mask


My first experience with Pantene products was 10 years ago. Their first product I tried was hair oil. I bought it on the recommendation of my godmother who was very happy with Pantene products. Thereafter, other Pantene products came on line. I can’t say that I use them now, but I almost always have their product with me.

My general impression of Pantene products is that my hair is very comfortable with them and I am satisfied with them. The only product that didn’t suit me was the aqua light shampoo. I am currently using Pantene Pro-V foam for curly hair and mask from the Repair & Care Intensiv line which I will write about today.



Pantene Pro V Repair & Care Intensive hair mask is a product that has been on the market for several years. Pantene has developed an entire line called „Repair & Care Intensiv“ that is intended for dry hair. It helps prevent damage and create cracked ends. We know that frayed and damaged ends are a real nightmare for many girls.

In addition to proper care for a healthy hair look, good hydration is also worth it. Pantene Pro V Repair & Care Intensiv Hair Mask will do just that. It helps it to retain moisture, prevents additional damage by feeding the hair with micronutrients. Being constantly in a hurry with time Pantene hair mask helps us save time. While it takes 10-15 min for standard masks to stand on your hair, Pantene Pro V Repair & Care Intensive hair mask is enough to hold for only 2 minutes and the effect will be visible.



As you can see in the picture above, the consistency of the mask is creamy. The scent is beautiful and refreshing. I can safely say that it stays in my hair until the next wash. From my personal experience, I can say that after applying the Pantene Repair & Care Intensiv Pro-V hair mask,
my hair is ultra-soft, shiny and easy to comb. I do not apply it after every wash, only once a week. I use it after washing my hair, I apply a small amount of the product only to the ends. I wait for two minutes and then rinse it off. After that, I do not use balm or comb spray. She’s enough for me. Since the mask is 300 ml, it takes me forever.

The reason why I do not apply it after every wash is the fear that it will not grease my hair after a while and that my hair will not be greasy.


If you want to try Pantene Repair & Care Intensiv Pro V Hair Mask you can find it at DM drugstores. The price is about 3 EUR.


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