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FAPPiT DOWN – SPAM – Consular office dept

SPAM von: Consular office dept
Betreff: Your unpaid lotto prize $2.5Million
E-Mail Adresse des Versenders:
Feedback: FAPPiT DOWN
Grad: Unglaublich
Grund: SPAM
Kommentar: “SPAM E-Mail Auszuzahlender Lottogewinn”
Your email was found in the central computer among the list of unpaid lotto prize which was originated from Americans, Europe, Asia, plus Middle East, among the list of individuals and companies, you are among the beneficiaries who will receive a contractual sum of $2.5Million and it has been approved for months through online wire transfer.
Kindly contact the agent in charge of your fund release John Harrison, with below needed details; your full name, home address, country, cell phone number.
Name: John Harrison
I apologize to you on behalf of world debt reconciliation agencies for failure to pay your funds in time which according to records in the system had been long overdue.
Mr. Steven Duke.
Director world debt reconciliation agencies


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