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FAPPiT DOWN – SPAM – Apple Support

SPAM von: Apple Support
Betreff: your new Apple ID ?
E-Mail Adresse des Versenders:
Feedback: FAPPiT DOWN
Grad: Unglaublich
Grund: SPAM E-Mail
Kommentar: “SPAM E-Mail angeblich von Apple”
Dear Client,
You recently selected New E-mail as your new Apple ID. To verify this email address belongs to you, click the link below and then sign in using your Apple ID and password.
Verify now >
Why you received this email.
Apple requests verification whenever an email address is selected as an Apple ID. Your Apple ID cannot be used until you verify it.
If you didn’t make this change or if you believe an unauthorized person is attempting to access your account, you can reset your password by going to My Apple ID.
Apple Support
My Apple ID | Support | Privacy Policy
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